Why steico

Improve your wellbeing with the right insulation

Live and feel healthy 

A well insulated house clearly improves your comfort and lifestyle. With STEICO insulating materials you can enjoy your house even more.

In the winter, STEICO wood fiber insulating materials provide a comfortable climate in your home. The natural insulating materials enclose the house and hold warmth (or coolness) inside the property. In a well insulated house the interior temperature of walls and furnishings automatically increases. This effect is immediately noticeable:

• Improved well-being: Evenly warm walls deliver more radiant heat. Because people find radiant heat particularly pleasant, it is possible to frequently lower the actual ambient temperature without reducing the internal comfort. As a result, reducing the ambient temperature by one degree means approximately a 5% energy cost saving.

• Effective protection against mold: The humidity in the air will only condense on a cold wall. By creating warm walls, this condensation is eliminated. Without damp patches mold is unable to grow, therefore mold is avoided from the outset.

• Less air movement: Drafts caused by convection can be unpleasant. When external walls are poorly insulated, the air cools down, falls to the ground, and flows to the centre of the room where it warms up and ascends again. On the other hand, when walls are well insulated, this problem does not occur. The cooling effect is reduced or eliminated. If the air is still, he feeling of these drafts is reduced and less dust is disturbed. This proves to be beneficial for those who suffer from allergies.

There is no denying the fact that wood burns. However, STEICO insulating materials exhibit some very unique properties, which makes them safer in the event of fire

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