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Wood fiber does not lose its shape or qualities over time, making it a great long-term investment for a healthy home 

🌲 Fibers are bound together by “Lignin”, which is a wood resin that is secreted in the process of milling wood and acts as a binding agent of the wood fibers; a natural glue. This substance is responsible for the durability and sturdiness of the boards.

Save time and effort

Experience easy, fast and comfortable installation.

To cut unwanted material off, or to cut the material to overcome pipes or corners, there is no need for any complicated cutting tools.

All the installer needs is a simple commonly available sharp object such as a nail, a knife, a ruler, a screwdriver, or any sharp object available in any home.

Incredible sound insulating properties and air quality regulation

The wood fibers, like natural hair and wool, are hollow inside, which allows the internal capillaries to conduct water and air through the fibers. This process is responsible for the incredible heat and sound insulating properties of wood fiber materials as well as Water Vapor Open feature. it is a "breathable material" that allows airflow to circulate.

It can retain moisture to up to 20%-25% of their mass. While the retention of moisture occurs, the fibrous material doesn't lose its thermo-physical properties and sound insulating qualities throughout the process.

It can adapt to changing moisture levels in the air in the space where it is installed. It also works as a natural indoor microclimate regulator in those spaces, due to its capability to absorbs excess moisture from the air, then releases it back when the air is dry. This process minimizes the possibility of stale smells by preventing conditions for mold and mildew growth under the flooring surfaces.

High compression strength

Ability to hold pressure and not being "foamy", ensures that floor would not squeak at the joints. Underlayment should be solid and flexible rather than soft and elastic. It prevents "floating" and "springy" effect when walking, keeps the floors hard and sturdy under your feet. It also protects locks from breaking and prolongs life of your wood floor.

Compensates on minor unevenness in the subfloor

Being somewhat flexible, but not soft, the Underlayment “coats” the bulges in the concrete on it’s bottom layer, remaining hard and sturdy on it’s top. Speed and ease up your installation process.


Wood fiber materials have very high heat storage capacity, low thermal conductivity, and great sound insulation properties on minimum thicknesses. It makes wood fiber-based insulating materials economically effective and long-lasting investments for a healthy, comfortable, and quiet indoor environment.