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STEICO - the company for green building products.

The leader in wood fiber insulation products. 

Steico's success story began in 1986 with the founding of Steinmann & Co. GmbH. From its humble beginnings as a small timber importer the company has evolved, developing into the leading manufacturer of wood fiber insulation materials. The Steico group is the world leader in the manufacturing and distribution of wood fiber insulation materials and employs around 1700 people. The headquarters of Steico SE, located in Feldkirchen near Munich, manages the group sales, provides technical support and houses their research and development department.


The Steico group is known for its wide variety of environmentally friendly wood fiber insulation building materials, hemp insulation, beams (structural building products), hardboards and distribution of laminated veneered lumber. 

Steico's fully automated, modern and technologically advanced manufacturing facilities, combined with decades of know-how, offer new possibilities in the production of innovative, ecological and economical building materials.

Production takes place at three European sites - Czarnków (poland), Czarna Woda (Poland) and Casteljaloux (France). Steico also has two sales offices; in France (Brumath) and Great Britain (Caddington).

All manufacturing facilities meet the requirements of European standards and building regulations. Independent third-party testing ensures strict compliance of the products with the international building codes, also adapted in the US. All Steico factories operate under a certified quality management system according to iso 9001:2008 ensuring consistently high product quality.

All products manufactured by Steico are certified under the banner of the FSC (forest stewardship council) to guarantee Steico's commitment to producing environmentally friendly and ecological products.

Steico has a dedicated and knowledgeable technical support team available to assist its customers with any questions or inquiries.

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