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Posted by Felix Moldavskiy on

Sunco America is a US based company.

It was created specifically for the purpose of introduction, promotion and distribution of STEICO’s innovative and groundbreaking product-line in the US market.

Sunco America is the only company who has the right for the marketing and sale of STEICO Wood Fiber Underlayment in the US.

STEICO overview of the company:

STEICO is a German company that specializes in production of Environmentally Friendly Building Products from Sustainable and Renewable Resources.

STEICO products are innovative building materials that offer long-term performance, increase the comfort and quality of living, and visibly increase the energy efficiency in buildings.

STEICO is the world's largest manufacturer of insulation panels of wood fiber for floors, roofs and walls. All it's products benefit from the properties of the natural materials that they are made of.
All products are easy to handle and install, non-allergenic and durable. They are the leading building materials for future generations.

Along with the other building materials, STEICO created it’s WOOD FIBER UNDERLAYMENT upon a growing demand from specialists in the wood flooring field, for an ecologically friendly product, with outstanding insulation and protective attributes that were lacking in existing products on the market. It met and satisfied all the requirements of flooring professionals and DIY customers alike.

It was developed based on the innovative technology of the “Vapor Open” system, which differentiated it from other products in the underlayment category.
Since inception, the underlayment was received with great accolades due to it’s unique features and characteristics:

* Easy to handle and install  

  •  Can be placed only on immediate work area

  •  Requires minimum use of tools. Can bypass obstacles such as piping and wiring using only one’s fingers, or any sharp object.

  •  In rough spots on the concrete slab, it can easily be scraped to even the surface

* Highest sound insulating properties on the minimum thickness of 1/8”

  •  Test results for 1/8” are: IIC - 55 dB , STC - 50 dB , Delta IIC - 25 dB

  •  Improves the acoustic in the room, creating a “deep, solid wood” sound step

* Protects the click lock system of wood floors

  •  Prevents breakage of the locks and squeaky sound while walking

  •  Prolongs floor longevity

* Made from 100% raw wood material, without any artificial glue additives.

  •  The only binding material used is “Lignin”, which is a natural substance secreted in the process of milling wood.

* Space saving and convenient storage

  •  Due to its flat and rectangular packaging

* Installation yields practically no waste.

* Extremely high durability, and sturdiness.

  •  Can withstand pressure up to 21.32 PSI

  •  Prevents “floating” and “springy” effect when walking, keeps the floors hard and sturdy under your feet

* It compensate on minor unevenness in the concrete slab by a different mechanism than all other underlayments. 

  •  Being somewhat elastic, but not soft, the underlayment “coats” the bulges in the concrete on it’s bottom layer, while remaining hard and sturdy on it’s top layer.

* Because it is based on the “Vapor open” concept, the underlayment can dry rather quickly when exposed to moisture.

  •  In the event of minor floods, It has the unique ability to absorb up to 20% of it’s weight in water, without losing it’s physiothermal properties

  •  Allows moisture permeability, therefore regulates the microclimate in the room, prevents stale smells and growth of mold.


Please call us at 1-800-SUNCO-38 for more info!

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