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Steico's wood fiber products thermal insulation ability provides a healthy environment in the home and enhances the wellbeing of its occupants. 


Insulation against the cold in the winter


The porous structure of the wood fiber insulation locks in air between its fibers and thus offers efficient insulation by preserving indoors heat against the cold winter weather outdoors.


Summer heat protection


Steico insulating materials are more dense than many conventional insulating materials. This additional weight (higher gross density) provides higher resistance to the indoor/outdoor heat transfer and causes the cooler temperature to remain inside.


Sound insulation


Due to the fibrous structure and the high gross density of steico insulating materials, they make a substantial improvement to the acoustic performance of a structure. They not only reduce external airborne sound (for example road noise), but also dim the sounds within the building. 

Steico sound insulating systems substantially reduce the effects of impact sound transfer through the structure, and thus create a quieter living environment in the home.


Water vapour open


Steico insulating building materials are treated with natural wax that coats the wood fibers and create the hydrophobic nature of these products. The water resistance that is created by the wax coating shields the house from the elements and in turn prevents mold formation and damage caused by moisture permeability. 

Steico's sarking and sheathing materials may be exposed for up to 8 weeks as a temporary building covering.


Energy saving and property value increases


Steico manufactures a comprehensive assortment of insulating materials for roofs, floors, walls and facades. These materials can dramatically reduce energy consumption in the house and at the same time increase the value of your property.


Sustainable and certified products


Steico wood fiber insulating materials are manufactured entirely from timber or hemp. The timber is sourced from forest thinnings or sawmill byproducts. The independent fsc® certification (forest stewardship council®) guarantees that the timber used for steico products originates from managed forestry. During production, no harmful additives are used. Any additives used are naturally sourced and their use minimised. All steico insulation materials rely on the 'lignin' inherent in the timber as a bonding agent, rather than artificially introduced resins. 

By using steico products you are playing a crucial role in improving the environment.


Insulation that is naturally better


Steico products improve the wellbeing of the house and its occupants. They protect the structure from external elements such as cold, heat and noise and by balancing indoor air humidity they create a pleasant microclimate and thus provide a somewhat hypoallergenic living space.

Considering all these attributes of steico products, we strongly believe these products are very versatile, beneficial and improve the quality of life of the people who utilize them. 

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